Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy

The Lascaux Method

The Lascaux Method is a short-term ketamine-assisted psychotherapy approach that integrates therapeutic principles with carefully guided ketamine sessions, all aimed at creating a fertile space for healing through the expanding aliveness play offers.

Our approach as practiced is most strongly influenced by a Finnish model called Open Dialogue and the “dialogic” process it initiated. In this approach, the therapist’s job is to avoid the certitude of expert formulations, analysis, and diagnosis in order to create the right environment for play. Working this way, we offer an innovative approach to an “old school” ethos, since we see psychotherapy as it was originally intended: an improvisational art form helping people contemplate “problems of living” rather than an attempt to surgically remove symptoms.


Our intention is to provide our guests with a chance to reconnect with their innate vitality and inherent ability to perceive the dynamic life in others; to feel more related to their relationships; to embrace head-on the life-enhancing potential of uncertainty; and to embark on a transformative journey of personal growth. The way to get there is to unleash the playful elements practiced in the best of psychotherapies and turn up the volume on these, while seeing ketamine as an ally in this process, helping people open up to novelty and uncertainty, and a sense that their experience of themselves and others is ready to be sculpted into something new.

At Cardea, we see ketamine, and psychedelic experiences in general, are a “key to a key,” assisting us in helping you gain access to your own sense of aliveness and the aliveness in others by opening the door to something life-conjuring you already do: play.

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