Ketamine Therapy & Aliveness

Cardea is the Roman goddess of thresholds, hinges, and handles–the protector of the devices that open doors. We work with our guests to help them discover their own ways to open where they feel shut down, to enter in where they are locked out, and to pivot where they are stuck. In this way, ketamine can be a key to change, opening the door to one’s innate ability to grow. Our ketamine sessions and ketamine-assisted psychotherapy aim to bring you more to life, more awake to the world around you, and more able to witness and experience the life in others.

We believe feeling fully alive is a very good thing, and that everyone deserves to feel that way.

Who Comes to Cardea

People come to us for a variety of reasons. Some have entrenched experiences of psychological suffering, while others are looking to get unstuck in their relationships, or creative pursuits. Others want to be more awakened to life and open to the world. Some clients are entering what they see as the “third act” of their lives and yearn to extract more meaning or wisdom from their experiences as they age.

Whatever the reason, our primary goal is to help all our guests achieve a greater sense of what we call aliveness: the sense that you are vital, fully engaged in your life, and fully connected to the world around you.