Holding Space for Growth

Cardea is founded by thought leaders in psychotherapeutic and psychedelic arts, and experts on human change. We bring a combined century of wisdom to the nuanced art of holding the right space for growth. The Cardea Method is focused on being “radically hospitable.” We are honored to host and hold you by listening closely and adjusting what we do to provide the right balance between comfort and safety in the sometimes-challenging movements toward growth.

Our work is supported by decades of research on human change, all of it showing that people most readily change in hopeful, responsive, warm, and attuned relationships with others. These human factors—what researchers call “common factors”—rather than a substance or a particular type of intervention alone, are the driving force toward transformation.

Since the first days of psychotherapy, we’ve known that facilitating change is an improvisational act of collaboration. A good therapist needs to both lead and follow, providing the right kind of environment for change. Psychedelic practitioners have understood the same about human transformation: their term, “holding space,” capturing the vital importance of setting the right relational environment for change.

When properly held in a collaborative, listening space, there’s the feeling of being contained in a comforting way. You feel truly seen and heard. You have someone “on your side,” collaborating with you and considering you in a deeply attentive way. At Cardea, we bring all the elements together to create this unique and beautiful experience.