Further Fund

Opening the Doors to the Psychedelic Renaissance

The transformative power of psychedelics is experiencing a renaissance here in the U.S. The age-old quest for spiritual awakening combined with a new concentrated focus on treating psychological suffering is yielding promising results. Depression, anxiety, trauma and addiction treatments using psychedelics have become increasingly widespread and enthusiasm among therapists and wellness professionals is growing at a rapid pace.

Revolutionary Care

Tax-Exempt Giving

However, despite the groundbreaking, possibly revolutionary, impact of psychedelics on both psychological healing and personal growth, access to this care remains remote if not impossible for a great many. Simply put, it is just too costly.

The Further Fund was established to provide this care to individuals who can’t afford it, and, in addition, to build a network of highly trained frontline professionals providing this powerful care to impoverished and under-resourced individuals. We aim to treat these professionals for their own burnout and trauma and to support them in introducing psychedelic care within their organizations. In addition, each year we are identifying organizations that are moving the needle on positive world change and offering them pro bono or highly subsidized psychedelic off-sites, aiming to support innovation in their work.

Our mission is to ensure that today’s psychedelic renaissance does not become yet another example of the disparity in access to these transformative resources. But we need your contribution to accomplish this.

We are already using donations to the Further Fund to provide services to frontline workers in the addiction fields who struggle with extreme emotional experiences related to their vital work. Your generous donation will enable us to reach hundreds more who are selflessly serving their communities.

This is a unique opportunity for you to help people in the U.S. gain access to the breakthrough care they need. Your donation today will help us provide annually:

  • more than 1,000 low-cost and free psychedelic therapy sessions to individuals who otherwise can’t afford such services;
  • subsidized trainings for dozens of frontline professionals who can’t afford to be trained in administering psychedelic care; and
  • yearly “psychedelic off-sites” for organizations focused on creating positive world change.

Access for All!

Your contribution to the Furthur Fund, a tax-exempt 501c3, makes you a crucial partner in this important initiative. Your donation will directly support scholarships to Cardea, an innovative psychedelic care and education company based in New York City and in Treasure Beach, Jamaica.

Cardea is founded by individuals with deep roots serving people in disadvantaged communities, and our orientation toward giving back is strong. Independent of the Furthur Fund, we are currently establishing offices at On-Point, a harm reduction program in Harlem, where we will offer free ketamine therapy and training in administering it therapeutically to working, poor, and marginalized individuals.

Your gift today to the Further Fund will help us provide transformative psychedelic care to those who will benefit from it but can’t afford it. To make the psychedelic treatment shift truly revolutionary, it must reach as many people in need as possible, independent of their income bracket, as well as those who can responsibly carry its potential forward with compassion for the least fortunate among us. Your contribution enables the Further Fund to achieve precisely that!