Human transformation as art, and a new form of ketamine-assisted psychotherapy…

Deep within the Lascaux Caves more than 500 kilometers southwest of Paris lies an awe-inspiring collection of ancient art created by prehistoric cave dwellers more than 17,000 years ago. Paleontologists believe these remarkable cave paintings were part of a sacred space, christening the domed chamber where most of the art is found the “prehistoric Sistine Chapel.” Drawn by Homo sapiens masters, the works in Lascaux are considered relatively “new” in the grand history of art, preceded by Homo neanderthalensis illustrations that date back a staggering 50,000 years prior.

Indeed, the creative impulse ran deep in our ancestors and their ancestors before them, and remains a fundamental aspect of who we are today. Cardea’s Lascaux Method of ketamine-assisted psychotherapy aims to tap into this impulse in order to help people create and live more vibrant and fulfilling lives. You may have heard the term healing wisdom; this refers to the source in each of us that is naturally oriented toward growth, the stifling of which causes suffering and illness. The Lascaux Method is based on the idea that the same drives propelling those early cave dwellers to paint figures on the walls around them is at least a sister to this source, if not another word for it. For us, to transform oneself is a creative, even artistic, act.

People seek out ketamine-assisted psychotherapy for various reasons. Some are seeking relief from profound psychological suffering and symptoms, while others want to overcome harmful habits that have taken control of their lives. There are those who seek freedom from stagnation in their work or relationships, and still others who wish to contemplatively expand their horizons. Although their concerns may differ, all share a common struggle: a yearning to break free from lives that have become routine, repetitive, and driven by habit or obsessive thought patterns in order to experience greater vitality and connection with the world.

It’s tragic that we don’t always feel alive inside. Many days pass by during which we can feel disconnected from life, a dullness and repetitiveness settled within us. This state of “non-being,” as philosophers have described it, often becomes a recurring experience that can dominate our days. To echo the words of the Talking Heads, it’s a “same as it ever was, same as it ever was, same as it ever was” existence. Or to put it another way, a playless one.

Yes, play.

Play has been given too “fun” a rap in our culture. For children and adults alike, play can obviously involve fun and amusement. But play is so much more than that. As the mode of being that lets us access our own sense of vitality, opens us to experiencing the life in other living things, and enhances our sense of the life in our relationships, it’s serious business.

The Lascaux Method is a short-term ketamine-assisted psychotherapy approach that integrates therapeutic principles with carefully guided ketamine sessions, all aimed at creating a fertile space for healing through the expanding aliveness play offers.