Social Impact

We believe psychedelics not only hold the promise of alleviating psychological suffering, but they are also consciousness raisers, helping us see the public causes of our personal pain. Therefore, we add a component in all our care, in which our guests contemplate ways in which they can give back to the world around them and connect to the communities we work in. This is why we see a large part of our mission as financially supporting and working with community non-profits.

Free Ketamine Services for Veterans of the Drug Wars
and for the Residents of Harlem.

We partner with OnPoint NYC (formerly the New York Harm Reduction Educators, NYHRE) to provide our labor and programming free of cost. As the first safe-injection facility in the USA, OnPoint has always been a leader in serving its community. Members of our leadership team have worked with them for years to help in many aspects of their work: support groups, syringe exchange and overdose prevention, services for people experiencing homelessness, activism training for peers and holistic health services.

We are currently collaborating with OnPoint with plans to work with Cardea’s space designer, Randy Polumbo to create and build a transformative space much like our own in Tribeca. In that space, our team will offer sound-guided ketamine journeys that follow our model of care and are free to the community of poor and working people. The program will also be a training project, which will allow members of OnPoint to learn our methods and become space holders for their peers in this collaborative effort for social justice, peace, and community healing.

Treasure Beach, Jamaica
Educational & Vocational Programs.

One reason we chose Treasure Beach as the destination for our psilocybin retreats is because of the town’s commitment to community tourism—a form of tourism where the activity and hospitality businesses are owned by the people who live there. We know that the money we spend for the retreat site, for the many wellness services we offer, for the food, and for the activities all go back into the Treasure Beach Community.

We also donate 10% of our profits from the retreat to The Breds Foundation, an organization that aims to foster community empowerment through programs to enhance the education, vocational training, recreation, and livelihoods of Treasure Beach community members and to ensure the sustainability of the environment that nurtures our community. As a guest on our retreat, you will embark on community tourism and visit the sites where these BREDS projects are supporting the Treasure Beach community.

Further Fund

Your tax-exempt gift to the Further Fund will help us provide transformative psychedelic care to people in a position to positively impact their communities. To make the psychedelic treatment shift truly revolutionary, it must reach as many people in need as possible, independent of their income bracket, as well as those who can responsibly carry its potential forward with compassion for the least fortunate among us. Your contribution enables the Further Fund to achieve that.