Considering Ketamine Treatment for 
Anxiety, Depression, PTSD or Addiction?

Research on human change shows that real and sustained healing begins by looking beyond disease labels to a person’s unique relationship with their suffering. Cardea was founded by leaders in the psychotherapeutic arts, psychedelic therapy and the science of human transformation. Experts in holding the right space for change, our signature model focuses on your courage in the face of your challenges, and your humanity in your suffering as we walk beside you on your path towards growth.

How It Works

1. Call

In a first call you’ll speak to our Clinical Director, a licensed therapist, who assesses whether Cardea ketamine therapy is right for you. We continue by setting up a second call to go over your medical and mental health history with our Medical Director, a board certified and licensed primary care physician, who will prescribe ketamine if they determine ketamine therapy is right for you.

More on our offerings and pricing here.

What’s Right for You?

In The News

“Experts in helping a person get into the right mind for a journey and providing the right environment to journey well.”

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“A collaboration between the ineffable space of your unique soul and a world made by others; and the end result is a one-of-a-kind encounter.”


“This group, made up of individuals with decades of experience in the use of these medicines, holds an antidote to the current trend of pathologization in service of sales”


“Psychedelic experiences can lead people on paths of self-inquiry and growth that extend through time and space.”


“Psychedelics have the potential to help people …discover new possibilities and new joy. But the effects of psychoactive drugs can never be detached from their setting.”

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“We must offer a menu of choices as varied and complex as humans are.”


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