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Ketamine in Mushrooms? Art & design play a large role in a psychedelic journey’s set and setting. We invite you into Cardea, a ketamine space nestled right in the heart of Manhattan, where our mission is to help guests feel the power of play.

The entire space was designed in collaboration with installation artist, Randy Polumbo, who built the furniture, light fixtures, and custom soundproof shutters all from reishi mycelium, creating a unique atmosphere to ignite wonder and curiosity. Step into the brilliant and playful mind of Randy Polumbo while journeying into a multi-sensory experience at Cardea. Discover how fungi are being used as an artistic medium and learn about the mycology that makes it possible! You’ll hear about what inspired the creation of the space, the unique process of crafting the one-of-a-kind fixtures, and all the vintage items from his personal collection that fill the space.

We’ll have light bites and beverages accompanied by musical entertainment and “Philo Questioning”—a unique activity for inquiry and reflection.

Randy Polumbo is an installation-based artist who lives and works between Joshua Tree, California and New York City. His artwork has been shown nationally and internationally across metropoles and natural landscapes such as deserts, ruins, and caves. He is a graduate of The Cooper Union School of Art, as well as a LEED accredited master builder and serves on the Board of Directors of New York Live Arts.Randy joins us with decades of experience in building spaces and immersive environments, using polished metal and blown glass, reishi mushroom mycelium, kaleidoscopic grottos, and cast glass. His projects range from museum installations, to public sculpture, to monumental renovation of New York mansions and apartments for clients and design luminaries around the world. Randy has designed and built our Tribeca Ketamine Space in New York City to enhance the calming, novel and imaginative environment for transformative experiences. The space’s design materializes our concept of “radical hospitality,” which places the guest and their goals at the visual, tactile, and acoustical center of the experience. All sensory interactions have been considered, from lighting, sound, scents and textures, leading each moment of a journey to a new discovery.

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