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Weeklong Immersive Psilocybin Retreat in Jamaica for Transformation and Awakening

Located in Treasure Beach

With decades of experience in psychedelic, psychiatric and psychotherapeutic practices, CARDEA invites those seeking transformation and awakening to a weeklong immersive psilocybin retreat in Jamaica. Free of hype, liberated from diagnostic labels and one-size-fits-all practices, we will face uncertainty together and innovate something both wise and new that will be a creation all our own..


Whether we notice it or not, we all stand on a threshold. One that begins in the space between who we are as original beings, and the cultural, social and natural worlds that exist independent of us. A world of you, and a world that is not you, but of which you are a part, and a grappling with where you rest between these two worlds.

Psychedelics have a long history of helping people examine this threshold between the Self and the world, and how to move through it in order to narrow the divide between an individual’s internal growth and a connection to a greater whole.

If you are looking for trusted and masterful allies in your pursuit of greater expansiveness, we’re the place to go. With over a century of combined experience in the psychedelic and psychotherapeutic arts, in psychedelic space-holding and sound-based ceremonies, we bring unprecedented wisdom from all these practices to help you journey to where you already are: the doorway between your inner life and the outer landscape in which you roam. Indeed, it is for this reason that we chose our name to honor Cardea, the ancient Roman “threshold” goddess of hinges and handles—the tools that make doors work.

This is not a one-off experience. This is not the break from day-to-day life–to return to how things were. We believe it is our job to help you improve your ability to pivot and master yourself at this in-between space long after your time with us.

To find out more or to reserve your spot, schedule a free consultation with a Cardea team member:


Introduction to The Cardea Method
including Dialogic sessions – a reflection-based listening model for preparing and processing your experience.

Three Pre-Retreat Dialogic Sessions
and 1 group meeting prior to the retreat

Three Inward-facing Psilocybin Sound Ceremonies
guided by skilled facilitators who are trained in both traditional indigenous and modern sound healing techniques

Group and 1:1 Reflection Sessions
led by our facilitators the day after each ceremony to make meaning of your experiences and deepen your intentions

Luxury Accommodations
5-star private chef, on-premise concierge services, beach-front access, three private pools.

Life-infusing Art & Activities
Art-making, energetic bodywork, yoga, local hikes.

Community Building
Access to Cardea’s network of like-minded beings to continue enriching your work with psychedelics.

Post-Retreat Dialogic and Group Sessions
One Post-Retreat 1:1 Dialogic Session and one group Zoom meetup after you return home.


Ross EllenhornRoss Ellenhorn, LICSW, Ph.D
Ross is a Cardea co-founder, CEO of Ellenhorn Psychiatric Recovery Program, and a pioneer and leader in the development of community integration services. His work and therapeutic model empower individuals to achieve recovery and purposeful reconnection to real life while remaining in their own communities and outside institutional settings. His recent book, How We Change (And Ten Reasons Why We Don’t), published by HarperCollins in 2020, focuses on the science of human change, and how this science supports the argument that change occurs in collaborative and co-created relationships. Ross developed The Cardea Method and facilitates all Dialogic session pre, post, and during retreat.


Aisha Delfaus, PMHNP-BC

Aisha is a dedicated Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, wellness advocate, and holistic healer. She strives to deliver care that embraces a holistic and humanistic approach, intentionally nurturing the mind, body, and soul in an integrated manner. Aisha earned her Master’s degree in Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing from Hunter College School of Nursing, completed a 200-hour Vinyasa yoga teacher training at Yogamaya and a 300-hour Kaula Tantra yoga and shamanism course at Durga’s Tiger School in Ecuador, as well as trained Thai yoga bodywork practitioner. She will be assisting our guests as our in house nurse practioner, as well as ceremonial space holder and co-facilitator for all dialogic sessions pre, post, and during retreat.


Le’ Jai’ La Troi
Le’ Jai’ La is a medicine woman based in Mexico who works with sacred plants and modalities to help others come back into alignment. She is a writer, coach, consultant, reiki master, herbalist and teacher. Le’ Jai’ La has worked in wellness and with entheogenic plants for the past twelve years, studying with indigenous wisdom keepers and learning traditional healing techniques from teachers worldwide. Her studies range from curanderismo, Native American, African healing, and shamanic practices to yoga, sound meditations, and more. Le Jai La returns for her second retreat with Cardea to bring her healing wisdom through Cacao and Psilocybin plant ceremonies.


John "The Juan" McLeanJohn “the Juan” MacLean
John is an experienced ceremony facilitator, multi-instrumentalist, and international touring musician and producer. He has cultivated a deep interest in the ways in which sound and vibration interact with consciousness, particularly under the influence of psychedelics. John integrates both traditional ceremonial techniques of holding space and using sound as a guide with contemporary modalities that consider the construct of the Western psyche. John believes in the “Iso Principle,” a concept from music therapy that values an attuned approach to each person. He works intuitively in the ceremonial space in order to co-create the safest and most helpful experience with the participants for whom he is holding space. John returns for his fourth Cardea retreat to facilitate psilocybin and acupuncture ceremonies with live sound.




For more information on pricing, itinerary and accommodations, download the brochure:

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Cardea is dedicated to assisting individuals in their recovery from deep psychological anguish and supporting those seeking an awakened life. We believe that breaking free from standardized living and embracing uncertainty and novelty are key to personal growth and well-being. Join us as we explore the limitless possibilities for self-knowledge and increased wellness through the fusion of psychedelic-assisted therapy, ketamine care, and acupuncture.

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