Your Psilocybin Ceremony


We use the word “ceremony” for what we do in our retreats, and use this term to mean a process with a well-defined beginning, middle and end, in which there is some shared sense of an important and often sacred destination. In this, a jazz tune might be considered a ceremony as well as a therapy session or a religious service. Our ceremonies are based on our belief in Sacred Originality, the idea that in each of us there is a fascinating universe that is well-worth exploration, and that by exploring this universe in a playful way, we end up better connected to the world around us. While there is something planned and somewhat uniform in what we do, each step in our ceremonies is designed around the individual pursuits of our guests.


Each of our guest’s ceremony begins long before the actual trip to Jamaica and continues after their return. We work together prior to the retreat by offering guests two preparation sessions, using our “Dialogic” method to help them deeply formulate their intentions for the retreat: those experiences or mindsets or changes they wish to pursue. By the time we all arrive, you will know something of us and we will know something of you, and we will share a sense of your unique purpose for your ceremony. We continue with these sessions during the retreat and following it.


During a typical ceremony, we offer three psilocybin journeys guided by live vibrational music and sound, with facilitation by our ceremonialists and space holders, all of them leaders in the field of psychedelic care.

Between journeys we offer one-on-one in-depth dialogic sessions regarding your insights and experiences and continue to expand on your original intention. You can also relax and reflect while partaking in bodywork, yoga, art making and local-led excursions to connect deeper to the land which we’re honored to share.


After you return home, we offer three dialogic sessions with us, to help you contemplate further your experiences on the retreat, and how you may integrate those experiences and their meanings into your life. About a month after the retreat we hold a group meeting for all retreat guests, to check in, talk about changes they have made, and plan for any other connections they wish to facilitate in the future.

We consider each guest as a Cardean long after these retreats conclude, welcoming them into our community and providing access to our ongoing programming, retreat reunions, and more.


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