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Cardea Space is honored to host our 2nd annual spring concert from TRANScend Sings! New York’s first trans / gender-expansive classical vocal ensemble, exploring the unique aural aesthetic of trans and other gender-atypical voices singing a thousand year-old canon of concert, liturgical and art music from around the world.

Be Still, My Heart – Whether it’s delight in spring, feelings of loss in the autumn, or relief that winter is past, nature has always had a prominent place in poetic metaphor and music. Come celebrate the renewal of spring with the TRANScend Ambassadors as we explore the seasons through choral music.

Cardea Space is an innovative approach to growth, healing, and transformation, guided by leading practitioners in the psychedelic and psychotheraputic arts, using space holding techinques coupled with ketamine, arts, and dialogue. Experts in holding the right space for change, our signature model focuses on your courage in the face of your challenges, and your humanity in your suffering as we walk beside you on your path towards growth. Cardea’s mission is to to support social change and make ketamine therapy accessible. Through their privately funded non-profit arm, The Furthur Fund, they have treated over 60 frontline care professionals who are positively impacting their communities. We hope to hasten the healing impact of the psychedelic movement by training these professionals in psychedelic therapies and we want to support organizations who do good in the world. We serve first responders, doctors, social workers, shelter managers, EMTs, and other professionals who suffer from the inevitable burnout and trauma caused by their work. We also train members of this group in providing psychedelic-assisted care. Support the mission or apply today!

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