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Join Dr. Ross Ellenhorn PhD, for an evening of play discussion on what Play can teach us about psychedelics.

Tickets Here  <- A percentage of ticket proceeds will be donated to Cardea’s non-profit The Furthur Fund.

Drugs like MDMA and psilocybin are being ushered into mainstream medicine, promoted as miracle cures for a host of psychiatric woes. But as psychedelics come to be seen as treatments for various types of psychological suffering, we are overlooking one of their most precious offerings: the potential for play.

Through play, the invisible landscapes of our inner lives merge with the visible world we all perceive in our own unique ways. When we play, we always play with someone or something: it’s always a relationship: an encounter. And in this, and so much more, play is the Marrow of our compassion. To not play? Well, the best word for that is alienation: the estrangement from our own power to summon life in ourselves and an estrangement from other living beings. To exist as if everything is same as it ever was, same as it ever was, same as it ever was.


Dr. Ross Ellenhorn PhD

Dr. Ross Ellenhorn serves as the owner and CEO of Ellenhorn, a psychiatric recovery program, and is the co-founder of Cardea, a psychedelic-based growth and recovery program, with offices in New York City and retreats in Jamaica. An author of three books on human change, his latest work, “Purple Crayons: The Art of Drawing a Life,” published by Harper Collins, emphasizes the significance of play in human experience and its potential as a gift of modernity.

Ross challenges the prevailing trend of standardization in human transformation, critiquing the evolution of therapy from an improvisational art form to a push for normalization and sameness. Rejecting such standards, he endeavors to heal the wounds of “problem saturation,” wherein individuals feel defined by their issues rather than their inherent vitality. Advocating for an authentic, artistic existence, Ross rejects societal expectations in all his endeavors and will be central to the “Art of Play” event and discussion.

His recent article in Time Magazine underscores the need for a play-oriented approach to psychedelic-assisted therapies. He frequently speaks nationwide on the relationship between play and experiences of aliveness and authenticity in people’s lives.

Visit his website to learn more.

Cardea Space is an innovative approach to growth, healing, and transformation, guided by leading practitioners in the psychedelic and psychotherapeutic arts, using space holding techniques coupled with ketamine, arts, and dialogue. Experts in holding the right space for change, our signature model focuses on your courage in the face of your challenges, and your humanity in your suffering as we walk beside you on your path towards growth. Cardea’s mission is to support social change and make ketamine therapy accessible. Through their privately funded non-profit arm, The Furthur Fund, they have treated over 60 frontline care professionals who are positively impacting their communities. We hope to hasten the healing impact of the psychedelic movement by training these professionals in psychedelic therapies and we want to support organizations who do good in the world. We serve first responders, doctors, social workers, shelter managers, EMTs, and other professionals who suffer from the inevitable burnout and trauma caused by their work. We also train members of this group in providing psychedelic-assisted care. Support the mission or apply today!

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