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Live Sound Guided Group Ketamine Journey


Session Fee: $300.00
Medical Fee: $100.00

The Cardea team and its unique Ketamine Space provide a safe and supportive environment for exploration and transformation. Our facilitators and sound practitioners will guide you through this unique fusion of therapies, offering their insights, wisdom, and compassionate care, while holding space for you to have your own individualized and self-directed journey.

Schedule a FREE consultation to discuss the session in more detail with the Cardea team:


Introductory Call
You will begin with a 30-minute introductory session with one of the space holders. This is a time for us to begin the process of getting to know you and understand your interest and intentions. We will share more information about the group experience and answer any questions you may have. If it feels like a good fit, we will schedule a medical intake session and send you some intake paperwork through our client portal.

Medical Intake Session
You will then meet virtually with our doctor for a medical intake session where we will explore your medical and mental health history with you to ensure a safe and therapeutic process. At this point, if there aren’t any unresolvable contraindications, our doctor will write you a prescription for a ketamine nasal spray which will be delivered to your home prior to the first session. You will need to bring your prescription with you to each group.

The Group Experience
At Cardea, we believe that human growth and transformation are improvisational events, each person’s emergence a unique journey. Prior to the ketamine experience, we’ll engage in a group creative process using a method aimed to evoke curiosity, reflection, and artistic expression. During the group ketamine session, you’ll be invited to get comfortable in your designated space in our group room. We’ll provide an eye mask for you to wear, and our space holders will provide all necessary instructions. Our sound practitioner will play live vibrational sound throughout your hour-long experience.

Schedule a FREE consultation to discuss the session in more detail with the Cardea team:

Cardea is dedicated to assisting individuals in their recovery from deep psychological anguish and supporting those seeking an awakened life. We believe that breaking free from standardized living and embracing uncertainty and novelty are key to personal growth and well-being. Join us as we explore the limitless possibilities for self-knowledge and increased wellness through the fusion of psychedelic-assisted therapy, ketamine care, and acupuncture.

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