recently visited Cardea’s Ketamine Space on Canal Street and penned an article showcasing the space’s uniqueness, as well as the pivotal roles of its designer, Randy Palumbo, and Dimitri Mugianis, Cardea’s “Lead Dialogic Facilitator & Space Holder Ceremonialist.”

The article describes Palumbo’s role as a Cardea partner, his guiding artistic vision, and how he worked with reishi mushroom mycelium to create tables, light fixtures, and window shutters. “Mycelium is the underground,” says Palumbo, “the understory of the mushroom people… they can turn into this giant multi-, mile-long map that can communicate with other mushrooms and send messages and exchange nutrients with sapling trees that can’t reach the sun yet — kind of insane.”

The piece highlights the unique ambiance of Cardea’s Ketamine Space, including The Beatrice Wood Room for art-making, The Alice Coltrane Room for listening to recordings by Cardea’s sound director, John MacLean., the Bootsy Collins Room for live sound sessions, and the otherworldly Mothership room, with its silver moonscape seating and polished aluminum wall, used for lectures and events.

According to Mugianis, as quoted in the article, “We are experts in helping a person get into the right mind for a journey and providing the right environment to journey well.”