What Is Cardea?


Cardea is a company composed of a pioneering group of therapists, doctors, nurse practitioners, harm reduction specialists, musicians and artists. We have come together to practice a seriously playful approach to psychedelic healing, growth and awakening.

The experiences we create are unlike anything else on offer in the burgeoning world of psychedelics. We combine modern therapeutic approaches, the wisdom of our ancestors and contemporaries in modern art and music, plus deep knowledge of traditional ceremonial methods, to nurture the soil from which people can achieve meaningful transformations in their lives.

We provide individual guided Ketamine sound sessions in our New York City space and Psilocybin group retreats in Jamaica. Both integrate innovative uses of sound, art, and dialogue to create trans-disciplinary and multi-sensory guided psychedelic journeys.

Who Comes To Cardea

People come to us for a variety of reasons: some have entrenched experiences of psychological suffering – the extreme states of mind and mood that mental health professionals typically call “depression,” “anxiety,” “PTSD,” or “addiction.”

Others are looking to get unstuck in their relationships or their creative pursuits or they’re wanting to be more awakened to life and open to the world.

A good number of clients are entering what they see as the “third act” in their lives and want to extract more meaning or wisdom as they age. They’ve had successful and abundant lives but they know there is another dimension that their successes may not have encompassed. They’ve heard that psychedelics can help them see things from a different perspective.

Whatever the reason, our primary goal is to help everyone achieve a greater sense of what we call “aliveness”: the sense that you are vital, fully engaged in your life, and connected to the world around you.