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You may be reading this now because you’re seeking help for yourself or a loved one regarding some psychological suffering or barrier. You may have been referred to us by a professional in the healing fields with whom you work. You might also be coming for issues beyond suffering, to find a way to break old patterns, and move on from places where you are stuck.

Whatever brought you here, you’ve likely heard the miracle stories about ketamine for entrenched psychiatric complaints, and also how it can awaken you to life, giving you the ability to think more flexibly about the changes you want.

But at Cardea, we stay leery of the more exuberant claims about ketamine. We know the long history of hype in the selling of pharmaceuticals as magic bullets and that such quick-fix offers often lead to disaster, the opiate crisis being only the latest example.

We do believe Ketamine can help you—you wouldn’t be reading this if we didn’t. Yet we don’t see it as very effective on its own. Instead, we view it as an assistant that can help enhance what you are doing at this very moment: contemplating how you want to deal with your suffering and your aspirations for growth.

The therapeutic force of ketamine comes from its ability to help you open up a little – or a lot, giving you the capacity to see the world differently and adding some nimbleness to your thoughts. This is why ketamine seems to help with particular forms of psychological suffering that have a habitual or repetitive element to them. It’s also why ketamine can help people beyond their suffering, to give them a chance to more deeply contemplate life-changes, get unstuck creatively or reach moments of awakening.

But the compound of ketamine is only a start. The real potential for sustained growth exists in the blessed clay that is you. We create the best possible environment for this, a relational space between us and you, in which you can mold that clay thoughtfully, carefully, and contemplatively. We call it “radically hospitality.” At its center, we combine a sustained and deep curiosity about you with an ethos that places expansiveness with your journey.

What to expect

The Method
We like to think of ourselves as your hosts. When people come to Cardea, they work with a small team of licensed individuals who work with our guests to figure out the next steps in their care in contemplating their experience in the sessions. In the world of psychedelic care, this is known as re-integrating. We use a particular method that we’ve developed at Cardea to do this, called the Lascaux Method, one that synthesizes certain forms of psychotherapy with vibrational sound work, as well as the choice of other creative activities and bodywork.

For guests who are already engaged with their own private therapists, we are prepared to stay in close communication with them throughout our time hosting, offering, when it is appropriate, to attend a session or two, just to provide our own reflections and learn more about how we may assist the two of you. We believe that the communication between professionals works best when the person of concern is present.

The Medicine
The compounds we use are also designed for hospitality, aimed to adjust in strength during session, and designed specifically for each guest’s needs, upon our clinical evaluation, We offer both individual sessions and custom multi-session packages, which include other therapeutic contacts designed in collaboration between our hosts and guests. The Ketamine prescribed for our guests is administered nasally through a spray application, making it comfortable and easy to use.

The Sounds
The use of sound and vibration has always played a central role in psychedelic experiences and now occurs commonly in new psychedelic assisted therapies. But reaching for the tune in attunement, we take sound to a whole new level, creating a personally crafted experience for each of our guests. Like all good care, we aim to “meet people where they are.” Instead of prescribed playlists, we curate sound based on the Iso Principle in collaboration with our guest — customizing an individual’s preoccupations, intentions, moods, and somatic experiences. Think of it like having your own, personal ambient DJ — highly attuned to your therapeutic experience, creating a platform for authentic self-discovery.

The Space
Continuing with our aim for and inventive and creative atmosphere of care, our physical space is a giant work of art. Developed by the visual artist and architect, Randy Polumbo, it is a calming, novel and imaginative “holding space” for transformative experiences. The space’s design materializes our concept of radical hospitality, placing the guest and their goals at the center of the experience. All sensory interaction have been considered from lighting, sound, scents and textures, leading each moment through to a new discovery.

Whatever course brought you here, our aim is to remain alert and curious about you in order to hold space that is contoured to your unique being.

Let’s Begin

Email us with a brief description of your interest in CARDEA, and we will add you to our waitlist. While you’re waiting, we’ll set up a virtual interview to provide more information and connect you with our medical professional to begin the process.

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