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Ketamine Space – Group Experience: Find all the details here!

Group Experiences

At Cardea we are excited to offer group ketamine-assisted sound journeys, as we feel that there is immense value in the community-building aspect of engaging with a group. The group process includes a series of 3 ketamine experiences, all of them featuring live sound performed by one of our experienced sound practitioners. These sessions are supported by times to explore, reflect and make meaning of your experience throughout the process.

Your Hosts
The experience will be hosted by a licensed therapist as well an experienced ceremonialist and sound practitioner.

Group Size
The group size will be a closed cohort of between 5-7 participants

The Schedule
The group will be a series of ketamine & dialogic sessions which will take place over the course of 4 weekly gatherings.


What to Expect
Introductory Call
You will begin with a 30-minute introductory session with one of the space holders. This is a time for us to begin the process of getting to know you and understand your interest and intentions. We will share more information about the group experience and answer any questions you may have. If it feels like a good fit, we will schedule a medical intake session and send you some intake paperwork through our client portal.

Medical Intake Session
You will then meet virtually with our doctor for a medical intake session where we will explore your medical and mental health history with you to ensure a safe and therapeutic process. At this point, if there aren’t any unresolvable contraindications, our doctor will write you a prescription for a ketamine nasal spray which will be delivered to your home prior to the first session. You will need to bring your prescription with you to each group.

The Group Experience
At Cardea, we believe that human growth and transformation are improvisational events, each person’s emergence a unique journey. We use our own unique method for helping people both deeply consider their aims in this journey and then reflect on their experiences throughout. We call these “dialogic” sessions. Dialogic sessions are conducted with two practitioners and use a reflection-based communication style. These times are devoted to curiosity, reflection, and artistic expression. During the group ketamine sessions, you be invited to get comfortable in your designated space in our group room. You will be provided with an eye mask to wear and will be given instructions by one of our space holders. Our sound practitioners will play live vibrational sound throughout your hour-long experience.

May Series – Dates
Day 1: Sunday, May 21st 12:00-3:30
Day 2: Sunday, May 28th 2:00-4:30
Day 3: Sunday, June 4th 12:00-2:30
Day 4: Thursday, June 8th 6-7pm (virtual)

Cost Associated
$900 – Group Series
* Additional cost for medical intake session
and medication

To enroll or learn more:
email: [email protected]
or book a consultation through our

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