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“I never thought growth could be so dynamic, surrounded by such beauty.”

“I never thought growth could be so dynamic, surrounded by such beauty.”

Cardea Journeyer
Cardea Journeyer

Cardea Journeys

Our core “Founder’s Retreat” is developed and conducted by the Cardea Founders, in a remote beachfront property in Treasure Beach, Jamaica. Over 7 days and 6 nights, we journey inward over three psilocybin ceremonies, combined with meaning-making sessions using our particular method of dialogue, bodywork, art making and wellness practices.

CARDEA also offers custom-designed retreats for organized private groups such as family and friends, creative communities, executive team building, and more.

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*For professionals engaged in the Art of Human Transformation*

The Founder Retreats

At the threshold where we always are

Psychedelics and psychotherapeutic arts possess a long history of helping people examine this threshold between the Self and the world and how to narrow the divide between one’s internal life and the connection to a greater whole. We combine decades of wisdom gained by elders in both practices, to help you journey to where you already are: the threshold between your unique being and the landscape in which you roam.

Our destination journeys are not a one-off experience. We do not want to provide a break from day-to-day life and then you return to the same place as now. We want to help you improve your ability to pivot and master yourself at the in-between space of relatedness long after your time with us.

What to expect

Before & After Your Journey

We work with you prior to the retreat by offering four preparation sessions, using our method to help you deeply formulate your intentions before you head to our destination. We continue with these meetings during your stay and offer four more sessions once you return home. We think of you as a Cardean long after these sessions, welcoming you to our community and access to our ongoing programming, retreat reunions, and more.

The Journey Itself

While in Jamaica, we offer three psilocybin journeys using live vibrational music and sound to guide you, with facilitation by our expert ceremonialists and space holders. These are individuals with decades of experience using such practices and leaders in the field.

Each day between the journeys, we offer one-on-one in-depth explorations of your insights and experiences and continue to expand on your original intention. You can also relax and reflect while partaking in bodywork, yoga, art making and local-led excursions to connect you deeper to the land which we’re honored to share.

Our intimate destinations take place over six nights, seven days, and accommodate up to 12 guests at a time in our private villas.

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The Arrival 

It is strongly recommended that guests arrive one day early and spend the night in the Montenegro Bay Area — we are happy to offer recommendations. 

Welcome to the Villas

12 p.m — pick up from Sangster airport

3 pm to 6 pm — Greetings and individual prejourney meetings

6:30 pm to 8 p.m  – Orientation dinner

Day 1

9am – 10am — Breakfast

10am – 11:30am — Prejourney individual exercises

11:30am – 6pm — Journey

6pm – 8pm — Buffet dinner and relaxation

Day 2 

9am – 10:30am — Buffet breakfast

11am – 12:30 pm — Bodywork exercise

12:30pm – 1:30pm — Lunch and relaxation

2pm – 4pm — Sacred originality exercises

6pm – 8pm — Dinner and relaxation

Day 3 

9am – 3pm — Breakfast, individual visits with guides, exploration, individual bodywork, lunch and relaxation 

3pm – 4:30 pm — Cacao Ceremony

5pm – 6pm — Light dinner

6:30pm and on — Evening / night journey

Day 4 

9am – 11am — Buffet breakfast

11am – 1pm — Sacred originality exercise

1pm – 2pm — Light lunch

2pm – 3:30pm — Bodywork

4pm – 8pm — Excursion and dinner

Day 5 

9am – 10am — Breakfast

10:30am – 11am — Prejourney group exercise

11am – 5:30pm — Journey

6pm – 8pm  — Buffet dinner, concluding discussion and relaxation 

8pm and on — Party with live entertainment

Day 6

12pm  Transport to Sangster International Airport

The Location

We hold space at Treasure Beach, Jamaica, a remarkable seaside village about two hours from Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay. Our partner, host, and fellow guide will be Jodi-Ann Moser, owner of Kotch Properties, a collection of three beachfront villas, with tropical-luxe amenities in beautiful natural surroundings, offering a choice of single- and double-occupancy rooms, and penthouse suites, all with their own baths. Jodi has sourced as much as possible from local entrepreneurs, farmers and businesses; from the farm-to-table ingredients in their meals, to the local art and furniture in their homes, and the friendly service from their local staff.

Our psilocybin mushrooms come from the Jamaica owned and operated, Psacred Therapeutics, premier mushroom cultivators on the island.

Let’s Begin

Email us with a brief description of your interest in CARDEA, and we will send you more information including costs, sample itinerary, and more.


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