Agility, nimbleness, and expansive curiosity: these are the new demands of leaders and teams, as they meet the challenges of ever more complex and accelerating social and business dynamics.

Cardea offers psychedelic-supported leadership development and team building/strategizing programs that combine our “radical hospitality” approach with expert coaching, validated leadership models and support to translate breakthrough insights into actionable strategies and daily practice.

Cardea leadership development and organizational retreats are designed to help leaders and teams:

  • Identify and accentuate their unique strengths
  • Engage in ‘Vertical’ Leadership development, which supports more adaptive, flexible mindsets and strategies
  • Increase the self-awareness and understanding of relationship patterns within themselves and with family, co-workers and partners
  •  Increase “plasticitiy of mind,” allowing both individuals and teams to think more flexibly and curiously about dilemmas, roadblocks and inventions.

Who is this for?

Leaders, Managers, teams and members of families in business who:

  • Seek a breakthrough method to address long standing challenges
  • Feel the need to take their leadership to the next level
  • Are highly motivated to learn and grow
  • Feel curious about how they are perceived by their important stakeholders
  • Are ready and supported enough to engage in a profound and possibly challenging developmental process

Cardea Leadership Development Coach: Michael Madera, Psy.D. is a seasoned executive coach, family business advisor, mindfulness practitioner and musician.

Michael specializes in guiding and catalyzing positive change for leaders and families in business. He believes in building on each person’s strengths, talents and motivations to enhance the effectiveness of the team and fellow stakeholders. He is a long-time student of adult developmental theory and its application to ‘Vertical’ leadership coaching. “The power of psychedelics to provide the experience of a broader, more open mindset is a game changer in the quest to accelerate leaders’ development progress.” He uses his talent for deep listening, honed through training in music, psychotherapy and coaching, and learning a 2nd language, to engage in the spirit of jazz improvisation to support people’s life and career journeys.