Opening Spring 2022

There is a very good chance that you are reading this now because you’re seeking help for yourself or a loved one regarding some sort of psychological suffering and/or barrier. You may also have been referred to us by a professional in the healing fields with whom you are already working.

Whatever reason brought you here, the odds are that you have also read or heard about Ketamine, and how it has a profound curative effect on certain psychiatric conditions, specifically depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. 

At Cardea, we’re actually a little leery of such claims, knowing that there is a long history of hype in the selling of pharmaceuticals as magic bullets, and that such quick-fix offers have often led to disaster, the recent opiate crisis just one example. 

We obviously do believe that Ketamine can help you—you wouldn’t be reading this if we didn’t. Yet we don’t see it as very effective on its own, viewing it instead as a sort of an assistant to what you are doing right at this moment: contemplating how you want to deal with your suffering or where you feel stuck. 

In our view, the therapeutic force of ketamine comes from its ability to help you open up a little or a lot, giving you the capacity to see the world differently, and adding some nimbleness to your thoughts.

That nimbleness can assist you as you attempt to better fathom your situation, helping you relinquish or rewrite stories about yourself. Your mind opens to alternative pathways of thought, to new ideas about yourself and your experience: when this happens, it’s often a very good thing. But more flexible thinking only gets you so far: taking a step for change is still up to you. 

It’s very attractive to think of your suffering as curable by a pill, shot, or therapeutic technique. But it’s not. And, in the end, that’s a good thing: we get into trouble when we start thinking of human beings as machine-like.

At Cardea, we strongly believe that the potential for your healing and growth exists in the blessed clay that is you. Think of us more like farmers than surgeons at Cardea, attempting to create the right space for change, rather than intervening on you to remove a disease. We think of what we do as “radically hospitable.” We can help you most by being exceptionally good hosts, providing a comforting, contained, and responsive space – the hospitable ground for growth. 

Cardea Ketamine Space:


WE ARE THE HOSTS: With our focus on hospitality, we like to think of the people who work at Cardea as your hosts.  We offer individuals two different areas of wisdom; one group trained in the psychotherapy professions, and the other trained in psychedelic space-holding, typically with a high level training in vibrational and sound work, most experts in their field.  

We’ll help you choose which type of host would best fit your needs. None of this excludes you from meeting with someone from either group, but we want you to have a central go-to person throughout, and we want to give you some choice on who that person might be. 

We see this person as very important, since they will be working to develop a collaborative plan with you regarding your visits.    

People come to us for psychotherapy and are referred to us by psychotherapists.  We contour our care around these two different moments of referral. 

We believe that the real medicine in psychotherapy is the relationship between the therapist and client. We definitely do not want to disturb this relationship, and only enhance it. So, we rarely offer concurrent therapies, and stick to work that focuses on assisting the pre-existing therapy, rather than delve deeply into the content typically reserved for the psychotherapist office.  

For guests who are already engaged with their own private therapists, we are prepared to stay in close communication with them throughout our time hosting, offering, when it is appropriate, to attend a session or two, just to provide our own reflections and learn more about how we may assist the two of you. We believe that the communication between professionals works best when the person of concern is present.  

We at CARDEA know full well the seduction of the quick fix.

We all come from different places, and we all come with our own sacredly original personalities, but we also float in the same boat as you, in the waters of a larger culture in which magic bullets for our suffering are sold daily, a new pill for just about everything that ails us. We wish we could promise you change, growth and awakening, but we can’t—nobody can, despite all the selling in our culture to the contrary. But we are excellent at setting the kind of fertile ground that best yields growth. Doing our very best to be good hosts?  That’s a promise we can keep.


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“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.”

Martin Buber