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Curiosity is a precious human faculty. It is the root of compassion, human growth and expansiveness.  We are honored that you are curious about the Cardea psychedelic destination journeys, and how we express our beliefs in our practices. Below you will find an introduction, what to expect and example itinerary.

It’s not easy, but it’s beautiful.

We believe that growth and greater awareness happen improvisationally. You can not force their emergence. You can not predict where they will go. But you can cultivate the optimum environment for them to occur. We are masters at this; creating and facilitating space for our guests that is vivid, truthful and multi-dimensional. Expect a “holding wisdom” that modifies and follows you; a loving hospitality built with the integrity and skill that only decades of experience can deliver. We begin with intent and aim toward openness—an encounter with the world around you, and the world inside you too; that sacred site of your original soul. 



Whether we notice it or not, we all stand on a threshold, one that begins in the space between who we are as original beings and the cultural, social and natural worlds that exist independent of us.

When you think about it, that’s a pretty down-to-earth assumption: a world of you and a world that is not you but of which you are a part—and a grappling with where you rest between these two worlds. Psychedelics have a long history of helping people examine this threshold between the Self and the world, and how to move through it in order to narrow the divide between an individual’s internal growth and a connection to a greater whole. So have many models within the  psychotherapeutic arts, and we combine decades of wisdom from both practices to help you journey to where you already are: the doorway between your inner life and the outer landscape in which you roam. 

This is not a one-off experience. This is not the break from day-to-day life–to return to how things were. We believe it is our job to help you improve your ability to pivot and master yourself at this in-between space long after your time with us. Indeed, it is for this reason that we chose our name to honor Cardea, the ancient Roman “threshold” goddess of hinges and handles—the tools that make doors work.

There’s a lot that happens at our destinations, conducted by individuals with decades of experience in the areas of psychedelics and human transformation. Our common base: Be curious about you.


We are committed to helping you integrate your experiences with us. 


Cardea works with you prior to the retreat by offering up to three sessions with one of our guides in order to help you formulate your intentions for your time with us. 

Our aim here is to help you deepen your understanding of why you came to us, the filigree of meanings behind your quest. We also want to assist you in developing a second, or parallel intention: a goal you wish to accomplish that is altruistic and generous.  We call this your “mutual aid” goal. 

The same guides who will work with you to develop these intentions will also meet with you during the retreat, since that’s your original purpose for attending, and your goals for giving back can change or deepen once you engage in our practices.


The Cardea destination involves three psilocybin journeys using vibrational music and sound to guide you, facilitated by our expert guides, Dimitri Mugianis, John “The Juan” Mclean and Le’ Jai’ La Troi. The days in between offer creative in-depth exploration lead by Ross Ellenhorn regarding changes/insights about your retreat intention, along with bodywork, art making and excursions. 


Cardea will continue to work with you for up to four scheduled sessions following your return home, which will include two meetings with the entire group who experienced the retreat. Our main goal here is to help everyone sustain goals they have set.  Things do not end there if you wish, however. 

We consider everyone who walks through our doors as members of our particular community.  And thus those doors never close to you, as we offer our alumni large group meetings, smaller ones for just your retreat cohorts, and access to lectures and other events at Cardea. 


Our destinations take place over six nights and five full days, and accommodate up to 12 guests at a time.

We hold space at Treasure Beach, Jamaica, a remarkable seaside village about two hours from Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay. Our partner, host, and fellow guide, will be Jodi-Ann Moser, owner of Kotch Properties, a collection of three beachfront villas, with tropical-luxe amenities in beautiful natural surroundings, offering a choice of single- and double-occupancy rooms, all with their own baths. 

“Kotch” is Jamaican patwa for a temporary stay with friends – a place to hang or chill for a while. And, sure enough, Jodi and her husband James Godfrey, have created just that kind of space on their properties; a “kotch lifestyle” of casual luxury. Jodi and James have sourced as much as possible from local entrepreneurs, farmers and businesses; from the farm-to-table ingredients in their meals, to the local art and furniture in their homes, and the friendly service from their local staff. 

We do the same with the compounds we use, working with Jamaica owned and operated, Psacred Therapeutics, premier mushrooms cultivators on the island.


Email us with a brief description of your interest in CARDEA, and we will set up a virtual interview.

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.”

Martin Buber