“It’s not easy, but it’s beautiful.”

Cardea Manifesto

Our Mission

Founded by leaders in both the psychedelic space and psychological recovery, CARDEA is composed of psychotherapists and ceremonialists, vibrational composers, artists and experts in personal growth.

CARDEA holds decades of wisdom from a wealth of practices in human transformation. While diverse in our fields, we harmonize around a common principle: that growth and greater awareness happen improvisationally. With each act of expansion new routes unfold.

Yet one cannot promise transformation. One can not force others to emerge nor predict where one will go. But we can cultivate the optimum environment for the space of self-awareness to occur. We are experts at this, guided by the core principle of radical hospitality and cultivating the capacity for one’s personal growth. We guide you through every stage of the process: from your curiosities to intentions, from the experience to integration.

CARDEA believes that a danger posed by modern life comes from the loss of a sense of “The Sacred.” However, there is the ability to treat one’s life as a creative force–unlocking thresholds to a deeper understanding. We call this threshold-experience “sacred originality.”

Sacred originality happens when we adventure inward, to reach something divine in us—a rediscovery of the roots of self appreciation, and a reconnection to the world “outside.” When we access this sight of sacredness, not only do we feel lively in our Being, we experience the world around us as full of life.

Indeed, it is for this reason that we chose our name to honor CARDEA, the Roman “threshold” goddess of hinges and handles—the tools that make doorways work.

CARDEA assists those who seek recovery from deep and entrenched psychological anguish, from behaviors that are out of control, as well as those who want a more awakened life and to expand their sense of existence. We see the barriers to growth as the result of lives habitualized, standardized and uniform. We therefore see a lot of good in one’s ability to withstand uncertainty, to find joy in novelty, and to be more creative with one’s pursuit of passion and well-being.

We are at the top of our respective fields in the inspired practice of personal growth.